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    Wednesday, September 26, 2018   /   by Rashad Howell

    Small Kitchen? Try These 9 Tips for Making the Most of Your Limited Space

    Transform your standard-issue rental kitchen with these tips.
    Is there some kind of law that requires rental apartments to supply no more than a single square of kitchen counter space to each unit?
    Between the white walls, scarce and often outdated cabinets, and a lack of amenities, it’s rare to find a solid kitchen in the world of yearlong leases.
    But no good makeover starts with a beautiful subject, right?
    All you need to transform that bleak little kitchen into a well-designed, functional space is a bit of imagination, some basic home maintenance skills, and a few solid pieces.
    Here’s where to begin.
    Donate first
    Before moving into your new space, make sure to get rid of all those things you don’t need anymore.
    Have you actually used that discounted bundt pan in the past year or two? If not, donate to your favorite local charity shop. Someone else might get use out of it, and you’ll be saving yourself from more clutter in your new home.
    Think ve. ...

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    Wednesday, September 26, 2018   /   by Rashad Howell

    7 Qualities of a Good Neighbor

    Win and woo your next-door friends with a little neighborly know-how.

    If you want good neighbors, you’ll first have to become one yourself. Master these seven techniques, and even you (yes, you!) can win the approval of your entire neighborhood.

    1. Good neighbors bring cookies

    Whether you’re new in town or haven’t kept in touch, a delivery of freshly baked goods is a perfect way to break the ice and let neighbors know that you’re thinking of them.

    If cookies can keep Santa returning year after year with a bag full of loot, then surely they can train your neighbors to do your bidding. Consider the following scenario.

    “Honey, somebody’s robbing the neighbor’s house again.”“Wait, Janet. The ones who brought cookies yesterday?”“Exactly. This time I’ll call the cops.”

    2. Good neighbors rarely gossip

    If your neighbor seems to know the dirt on everyone within a two-block radius, you can count on. ...

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